Sweet Meat Caddis

In the course of everyday life, we all make connections with people who strike us as just super cool. Garrison Doctor, a Boulder, Colorado native, world-class artist, passionate fly fisher, and spectacular fly tier is one of those people. I have long admired Garrison’s amazing artwork on his Facebook and Instagram feeds. The time-lapse videos of him skillfully

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Kamikaze Sculpin

With all the new tying materials these days, it has become really easy to complicate things. It’s hard to look at a delicious pile of fluff and feathers and limit yourself to using only what’s needed, without piling everything onto the hook. This affliction seems most prevalent in modern streamers. Designing a fly using a minimum of commonly

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Amy’s Ant

Foamy drys seem to have taken over as the flies of choice for dry/dropper rigs these days, and guides love them for strike indicators as well as an occasional, surprising eat. Foam bugs are easily maintained, buoyant, and durable, and in most cases, are pretty easy to see on the water. What they generally lack, however, is actually

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Perdigons were first developed by the Spanish competitive fly-fishing team but were really popularized by the French. These simple nymphs epitomize what I look for in good fly design. They’re simple, they sink like rocks due to their inherent weight and slim design, and when you put in a bit of effort, they can even be pretty. There.

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Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear

There are some flies that just have an inherent ‘fishiness’ about them. The Gold Rib Hare’s Ear is one of those flies. A non-descript, buggy compilation of fur and feathers, the Hare’s Ear won’t win any beauty contests but is one of those flies that you may never want to be without. While I know I won’t win

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Charlie Boy Hopper

I developed this pattern almost 20 years ago while guiding on Colorado’s Tarryall Creek. My clients were going through Dave’s Hoppers at an astounding rate and I figured there had to be a better option. While Dave’s fly works fine, it becomes waterlogged after a couple fish and is a pain to tie. The Charlie Boy Hopper (named

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The Comparadun pattern has been one of my go-to patterns for a long time. This fly is the ultimate in simplicity and lends itself well to a variety of mayfly species. You can simply change the colors of the materials to match everything from Pale Morning Duns to Baetis to Green Drakes, while still using the same overall pattern.

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The Stimulator enjoys the reputation of being one of the most popular dry flies in the Rockies. Fly shops sell them by the hundreds of dozens, and its no wonder. Developed by Randall Kauffmann the Stimulator is a great floater, highly visible, and sports a wide, fish-attracting profile. A good match for an adult stonefly, it mimics caddis

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Bever’s Better Buckskin

One of my favorite free-living caddis larva patterns comes from the vise of Colorado’s Luke Bever. Luke is an extraordinarily capable fisherman, tyer and guide and while we’re too good of friends for me to ever utter it to him in person; he really is one of those guys that just know exactly what flies to fish and

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Caddistrophic Pupa

Most insects have a certain streamlined appeal, but caddis pupae just look like something you pulled out of your nose. Their gnarley legs, gelatinous bodies, and budding wings combine to form one of the most unpleasant-looking bugs on earth, but trout love them. The Caddistrophic Pupa is built on a light wire scud hook to match the hunched up

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