Mounting Hair Wings

Working with a good piece of deer or elk hair is one of my favorite simple pleasures. A great piece of hair inspires me with the potential for beautiful flies, clean upright or down wings and wonderful floatability, but many tyers dread the very thought and are cursed to fish flies tied only with cut-to-length synthetics that just aren’t

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The Care and Feeding of Marabou

Charlie Craven July 2015 Fly Fisherman Magazine It is often assumed that I, as a fly shop owner and all around big shot fly tyer guy, get preferential treatment by suppliers and receive only the highest grade materials for my personal use, but the reality of the situation is, in most instances, I buy my materials straight off

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Dubbing: Let’s Get it ON!

Charlie Craven for FlyFisherman Magazine June 27, 2018 Let’s talk about dubbing. In fly tying, the word is both a noun (the material) and a verb (the act of applying said material) and is the cause of more headaches than it really ought to be. The act of skillfully twisting fur tightly around the tying thread is one of

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Thread; A Tangled Mess

By Charlie Craven for FlyFisherman Magazine 2017 There is a lot of good information about fly tying out in the world these days.  Between books, magazines and the internet, there is no shortage of adequate instruction and advice on almost all aspects of fly tying.  Except for the apparent step child of fly tying tools; thread. Not only

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