Sweet Meat Caddis

In the course of everyday life, we all make connections with people who strike us as just super cool. Garrison Doctor, a Boulder, Colorado native, world-class artist, passionate fly fisher, and spectacular fly tier is one of those people. I have long admired Garrison’s amazing artwork on his Facebook and Instagram feeds. The time-lapse videos of him skillfully

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Perdigons were first developed by the Spanish competitive fly-fishing team but were really popularized by the French. These simple nymphs epitomize what I look for in good fly design. They’re simple, they sink like rocks due to their inherent weight and slim design, and when you put in a bit of effort, they can even be pretty. There.

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Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear

There are some flies that just have an inherent ‘fishiness’ about them. The Gold Rib Hare’s Ear is one of those flies. A non-descript, buggy compilation of fur and feathers, the Hare’s Ear won’t win any beauty contests but is one of those flies that you may never want to be without. While I know I won’t win

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Bever’s Better Buckskin

One of my favorite free-living caddis larva patterns comes from the vise of Colorado’s Luke Bever. Luke is an extraordinarily capable fisherman, tyer and guide and while we’re too good of friends for me to ever utter it to him in person; he really is one of those guys that just know exactly what flies to fish and

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Caddistrophic Pupa

Most insects have a certain streamlined appeal, but caddis pupae just look like something you pulled out of your nose. Their gnarley legs, gelatinous bodies, and budding wings combine to form one of the most unpleasant-looking bugs on earth, but trout love them. The Caddistrophic Pupa is built on a light wire scud hook to match the hunched up

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Flashback Pheasant Tail

One of the most effective flies ever created. Plain and simple with a glimmering flashback wingcase. Imitates every kind of mayfly nymph from Callibaetis to plain old Baetis and does it well. Fly Tying Recipe: (Click the links below to purchase the materials from our store) Hook: TMC 100SP-BL #14-20, Tmc 100 #22 And Smaller Thread: 8/0 UNI

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Pheasant Tail

The Pheasant Tail is the quintessential mayfly nymph pattern. The dark brown color and slender profile create a highly realistic mayfly imitation. Although it can be tied in larger sizes, I prefer this fly in sizes 16 through 24 because smaller sized Pheasant Tails match blue wing olive and pale morning dun nymphs. For bigger mayflies, I lean

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What the pigsticker lacks in beauty it makes up for with its incredible effectiveness. While it seems simple to tie, a few details like keeping your thread flattened and smooth and proper placement of the lead wraps are important considerations. Everyone I know likes to make fun of this fly, yet the Pigsticker really is one of my

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Poison Tung

The Poison Tung Midge was conceived one winter after reading about the power the color blue has over unsuspecting trout. I tried a variety of different patterns, with varying amounts of blue and found that a simple rib was just enough. I think this fly is best represented by the sum of its parts. The gray Ice Dub head

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When I guided on the South Platte River it seemed that at least one of my clients always had an RS2 on, and I would bet that half of the fish my clients caught were victims of this fly. Confidence in a pattern can make all the difference, and I have a lot of confidence in the RS2.

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