Hi everyone!  Charlie and I hope you are enjoying the new website.  I’ve got a couple of new tying videos for you today, the Jujubee Midge and the Mole Fly.  Both of these flys are some of my favorites, especially the Mole Fly, if you know, then you know.  If not I can’t stress enough how badly you need to whip some up and get them on the water.  There are a couple of tricks to fish the Mole fly, number one is keeping the CDC dry!  I use two products to accomplish this task.  After you land a fish you want to give the fly a good shake in the water to get any fish slime off.  Then dry the CDC with a product called Wonder Cloth (click here).  After the CDC is good and dry use some Frog’s Fanny (right here) and give the CDC a generous dusting with the brush.  Don’t shake the whole fly in the powder because you want the Beaver Dubbing to sit below the surface of the water.  Number two is when you are fishing to extra picky fish.  To really ring the dinner bell give the Mole Fly a little twitch so it sinks just below the surface of the water and rises back up.  It works on even the most stubborn of fish.  Give the videos a watch, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  I’m going to try and put up a new video every week so you don’t want to miss any.

Have a day.