Project Description

Dirty Hippy

Pattern Description:

So, I know you’ve all been waiting for this one, mostly because I am very intuitive and in tune with the wants and needs of fishermen in general, but maybe all those emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages put me over the edge. At any rate, here is my latest streamer pattern: Craven’s Dirty Hippy. I first started developing this fly after a trip to the Missouri River in Craig, Montana. It was on this trip that I started to appreciate streamer patterns that went a little beyond the usual Wooly Bugger variations and branched into more sparsely tied realistic small fish profiles. To that end, I promptly started playing with streamer patterns of this ilk upon my return home and the final result is now known as the Dirty Hippy. The name is garnered from my new wife, a tree huggin’, liberal-minded not-really-so-dirty Dirty Hippy. She’s turned out to be good for my conservative side and the fly has turned out to be good for my soul…tie some up and see what it does for you.