Project Description

Pattern Description:

I have been fishing the Mole Fly for at least the last twenty years and it has become my go to pattern for any small mayfly hatch. Its unusual “advanced” wing supports the fly on the surface while the body hangs below like that of a crippled or emerging mayfly. I invented this fly after experimenting with a variety of different CDC patterns. Some of the other ideas spawned during this process are the Loopwing Emerger and CDC Comparadun. Yup, I invented those too. The only problem is that a bunch of other people invented them too. All I can say is that great minds tend to run in the same track. At any rate, tie up some Mole flies and give them a try the next time you encounter tough tailwater fish and see if they don’t do the trick for you too.

Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 2487 #18-24

Thread: Gray 8/0 or 14/0

Wing: Natural Mallard CDC- Gray

Body: Brown beaver dubbing

Step 1

Start the 8/0 thread right behind the eye with a jam knot and make a short thread base back about two or three eye lengths.

Step 2

Even the tips of two CDC feathers (use only one if this is a small fly) and measure them against the hook shank so they are the same length as the hook.

Step 3

Tie the CDC feathers in right behind the hook eye and wrap back over the butt ends about halfway down the shank. Make sure the feathers stay on top of the hook as you wrap.

Step 4

Clip the butt ends of the feathers at an angle as shown here.

Step 5

Dub the beaver fur onto the thread and use the bare thread between the top of the dubbing strand and the hook to work the thread back about halfway down the bend of the hook.

Step 6

Dub a slightly tapered body up to the base of the wing.

Step 7

Pull the wing back out of the way and whip finish between the eye and the wing. Clip the thread.

Step 8

Side view