Project Description

Flash King

Pattern Description:

The Flash King is a cool little local pattern indigenous to the Roaring Fork River. Drew Reid introduced me to this fly and I used to tie dozens of them for Roaring Fork Anglers back in the day. Tied like an old style wet fly and fished much the same way, this larger than a typical wet yet smaller than a typical streamer pattern has been a sort of secret weapon on both the Fork and the Colorado. Twist a few up and find a spare spot in your box for a couple of these flies. Remember to pull them out when the fish get a little funky and just need a new (old) look.

Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 5262 #8-12

Thread: 70 Denier Black

Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippet Fibers

Body: Fine or Medium Black Chenille

Hackle: Brown Hen Saddle

Wing: Multi-Color Krystal Flash (aka Rainbow KF)

Step 1

Start the thread about three eye lengths back from the hook eye and make a nice thread base back to the bend.  Peel a heavy clump of golden pheasant tippets from the feather, taking care to keep the tips aligned and the black bars even. Measure the clump against the shank so it is equal to about half its length.

Step 2

Tie the tippets in at the bend of the hook forming the tail. Wrap forward over the butt ends to the starting point (or as far as they reach) and clip the excess. return the thread to the bend of the hook.

Step 3

Peel a few fibers from the end of a length of chenille exposing the cotton core as shown here.

Step 4

Tie the core of the chenille in at the bend of the hook and bring the thread forward again to the starting point. We tie the chenille in by the core in order to keep the thick chenille from making the body too fat.

Step 5

Wrap the chenille forward in abutting turns to the thread start point and clip the excess. Use your scissors to trim the chenille fibers down a bit at the bend forming the tapered body.

Step 6

Tie in a brown hen saddle feather at the front of the body by its butt end. Make sure the inside of the feather is facing the hook.

Step 7

Fold the hackle feather so the barbs all fold to the back of the stem.

Step 8

Wrap the hackle forward with two or three turns and tie off. Fold the hackle fibers back after each turn so they all sweep gracefully back to the bend. Clip the excess hackle tip.

Step 9

Tie in 6 or eight strands of krystal flash at the front of the hackle collar at the center of their length.

Step 10

Fold the front ends of the flash back along the back ends and bind them in place with several tight wraps of thread.

Step 11

Build a smooth thread head over the krystal flash tie down behind the eye and whip finish the thread. Trim the flash about even with the end of the body.