Project Description

Royal Wulff

Pattern Description:

This one is kind of a quick and dirty tutorial on the Royal Wulff.  My first book, Charlie Craven’s Basic Fly Tying, has a more comprehensive tutorial, but this one ought to get you out of the gate for now.

Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 100 #10-20
Thread: 8/0 Black
Wing: White Calf Body hair
Tail: Dark Moose hair
Rib: Fine Copper Wire
Body: Peacock herl and red floss
Hackle: Brown Rooster Hackle

Step 1

Start the thread behind the eye and wrap back to the midpoint on the shank. Tie in a cleaned and stacked clump of calf hair so it is one shank length long at the seventy five percent point on the hook.

Step 2

Trim the butt ends of the calf at an angle and wrap back over the butts to the bend.

Step 3

Tie in a clump of stacked and cleaned moose hair at the bend so it is a shank length long. Wrap forward over the butt ends to the base of the wing butts.

Step 4

Trim the butt ends of the tail so they mate up to the butts of the wing.

Step 5

Wrap forward over the butt ends of the tail to smooth off the shank.

Step 6

Lift the wing up and build a thread dam in front to prop it more upright.

Step 7

Divide the wing clump in half and make several thread wraps to separate the wings.

Step 8

Make several more turns of thread to divide the wings going in the opposite direction.

Step 9

Post the base of each wing with several turns to group the wings into a bunch.

Step 10

Bring the thread back to the bend and tie in several strands of fine peacock herl. Tie in a strand of fine copper wire at the bend as well.

Step 11

Wrap the peacock herl forward to just short of the hook point and tie it off. Clip the excess.

Step 12

Move the thread forward and tie in a strand of red floss.

Step 13

Wrap the floss back to the first bunch of peacock and forward again to just behind the wings. Tie off and clip the floss.

Step 14

Tie in and wrap another bunch of peacock herl as you did at the bend. Clip the excess peacock herl.

Step 15

Wrap the rib forward over the peacock and the floss to the back of the wings and tie it off. Clip the excess.

Step 16

Tie in two brown hackles at the front edge of the body. Bring the thread forward to the eye.

Step 17

Wrap the hackle forward forming a dense collar. Tie the hackles off at the eye and trim the excess. Whip finish and trim the thread.