Project Description

Quigley Cripple

Pattern Description:

Bob Quigley’s Cripple pattern represents the mayfly as it struggles to free itself from its shuck.  This is an easy fly to tie and one that really works well for all mayfly species.  Feel free to adapt colors for each of the mayflies you encounter.  Or just tie brown ones…that usually works too.

Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 100 #12-22
Thread: 8/0
Rib: Fine Copper wire
Tail/Abdomen: Brown Marabou Fibers
Thorax: Superfine Dubbing
Wing: Natural Deer Hock
Hackle: Grizzly Rooster Hackle

Step 1

Start the thread and tie in a piece of fine copper wire. Wrap back over the wire to the bend.

Step 2

Peel off several fibers from a marabou feather and even their tips.

Step 3

Tie the tips of the marabou in at the bend with two turns of thread. The tail should be about a half shank long.

Step 4

Lift the butt ends of the marabou and bring the thread back to the starting point.

Step 5

Wrap the butt ends of the marabou forward to the starting point and tie off. Clip the excess.

Step 6

Spiral wrap the wire forward through the marabou abdomen to the front and tie it off. Clip excess.

Step 7

Dub a small ball at the front of the abdomen with the Superfine dubbing. Be sure to leave at least an eye length of bare shank in front of the dubbing.

Step 8

Cut, clean and stack a clump of deer hair and measure it against the hook so it is a shank length long.

Step 9

Tie the deer hair in in front of the dubbing clump with several tight turns of thread. Clip the butt ends to a short brush.

Step 10

Tie in a grizzly hackle by its butt end in the space between the butt and the base of the hair tips.

Step 11

Wrap the hackle feather three turns and tie off. Clip the excess. Whip finish and trim the thread.