Project Description


Pattern Description:
From my book, Tying Nymphs

Regardless of how you or I might feel about competitive fly fishing, there is no arguing that it has brought a ton of innovation in technique and fly patterns to our sport. The worldwide combination of passionate and highly talented anglers and fly tyers with the sole purpose of catching as many fish as possible has brought on, not only some incredibly effective fishing techniques, but also a host of new, purpose driven and well-designed fly patterns.

Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 3761 #12=18
Thread: UNI 8/0 Red
Bead: Copper Tungsten
Weight: Lead Wire, .010
Tail: Coq de Leon Fibers
Rib: Small Copper Wire
Abdomen: Natural Turkey Tail Fibers
Thorax: Hot Pink Ice Dub

Step 1

Place the bead on the hook and slide it up to the eye.  Make several turns of lead wire, break off the end and shove the lead into the back of the bead.Start the thread right behind the lead and wrap a thread base back to the hook bend.

Step 2

Wrap up to the back of the bead and back again to the bend, smoothing out the taper from the bare hook up to the lead wraps.  Return the thread to the bend.  Select a CDL feather and preen the fibers so the tips are even. Peel off about a small bundle of fibers and measure them against the hook shank so they are a shank length long.

Step 3

Tie the tail in at the bend and wrap forward over the butt ends to the back of the bead.  Clip the excess.  Tie in a length of copper wire and wrap back over it to the bend as well  Return the thread to the bead.

Step 4

Tie a clump of turkey tail fibers in by their tips at the back of the bead and wrap back over them to the bend.

Step 5

Begin wrapping the turkey tail fibers forward up to the back of the bead.  Try to keep them flat along the shank and not corded up.

Step 6

Tie off the turkey fibers with several tight turns then rib the wire forward through the body and tie it off as well.  Clip the excess.

Step 7

Dub a thin noodle of hot pink Ice Dub onto your thread.

Step 8

Build a small Ice Dub Collar behind the bead, build a smooth thread head at the back of the bead and whip finish the thread.