Project Description

Surf Candy, Popovic’s

Pattern Description:

The Surf Candy has always been an intimidating pattern to me, but with the advent of these new UV resins, the fly becomes pretty dang easy.  A great representation of small glass minnows and a variety of other saltwater baitfish, the Surf Candy can be employed anytime you’re fishing salty.

Materials Needed:

Hook: Gamakatsu SC15
Thread: UNI Clear Monofilament thread
Body: Silver Tinsel
Wing: Chartreuse over White Super Hair
Flash: Silver Holographic Flashabou
Eyes: Silver Holographic Adhesive Eyes
Coating: Solarez Thick Hard UV Resin

Step 1

Start the clear thread just behind the hook eye and tie in a piece of mylar tinsel with the gold side facing out.

Step 2

Leave the thread hanging at the hook eye and wrap the tinsel (with the silver side facing out) down the shank to the bend and back forward again creating a double layer body before tying the tinsel off at the hook eye. Clip the excess.

Step 3

Clip a small clump of white Super Hair and cut the ends as square as you can. This clump should be about five or six inches long. Lay the square ends in just behind the hook eye and push them down around the hook shank so they encompass it.

Step 4

Capture the ends of the Super Hair with several tight turns of thread right behind the hook eye. This bunch should be evenly distributed around the hook shank.

Step 5

Tie in four or five strands of Silver Holographic Flashabou at the center of their length at the hook eye.

Step 6

Fold the front ends of the flash back over the top of the fly and bind them in place with the thread.

Step 7

Cut a like sized clump of chartreuse Super Hair and cut the ends square as before. Lay this clump in on top of the base of the first clump and secure it in place with several firm wraps of thread.

Step 8

Build a smooth, short thread head with the mono, whip finish and clip.

Step 9

Apply a thin coat of  UV resin to the Super Hair at the front of the shank. Let the resin work all the way through the fibers and back to just short of the hook bend.

Step 10

Manipulate the Super Hair as needed to create a rough shape as shown here before curing the resin with the UV light.

Step 11

Press an adhesive eye to each side of the fly at the front of the head. Push hard on the eyes so they lie flush against the head.

Step 12

Use a red Sharpie Marker to draw gill slits on each side at the back of the head.

Step 13

Apply another coat of resin, this time slightly heavier, over the top of the head and eyes. Rotate the fly in your vise as needed until the resin is symmetrical and then zap it again with the UV light. This top coat should be in the final shape of the head before curing.

Step 14

Using long bladed scissors, trim the Super Hair from the back to the front of the fly to create a tapered body.