Project Description

Headstand, Egan’s

Pattern Description:

Lance Egan’s creepy crawly carp bug rides hook up and is good for shallow water sight fishing.

Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 2457
Thread: 6/0 UNI Rusty Brown
Eyes: Medium Bead Chain
Tail: Ginger Variant Rabbit Fur
Hackle: Brown Neck Hackle
Body: Rusty Brown Craw Dub
Legs: Pumpkin Sili Legs
Wing: Peacock Sword Fibers
Head: Flo. Orange Antron Dubbing

Step 1

Attach the thread behind the hook eye and wrap a thread base about halfway down the hook. Return the thread to about two eye lengths back from the hook eye and tie in a pair of bead chain eyes using X-wraps.

Step 2

Add a drop of head cement to the thread wraps over the eyes.

Step 3

Wrap the thread down the shank and well down onto the bend of the hook. I usually reposition the hook in the vise to clear access to the bend as shown here.

Step 4

Clip a clump of rabbit fur from a ginger variant rabbit strip. Wet it slightly to group it together and measure it about a shank length long.

Step 5

Tie the rabbit fur in at the bend of the hook and wrap forward over the butt ends to just short of the eyes. Clip the excess rabbit.

Step 6

Select a hackle feather that has barbs equal to one and a half hook gaps. Preen the hackle fibers so they stand out from the stem and clip the tip into the triangle shape shown here.

Step 7

Tie the hackle feather in by its tip with the inside of the feather facing the hook shank at the base of the tail.

Step 8

Dub a tapered body with the Craw Dub to about two eye lengths back from the bead chain eyes.

Step 9

Lift the butt end of the hackle feather and fold the hackle fibers back toward the bend of the hook by stroking them between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 10

Palmer wrap the hackle forward over the body with about five evenly spaced turns. Tie off the hackle at the front and clip the excess.

Step 11

Lay a strand of Sili Legs in along the near side of the hook and capture it in place with a couple wraps of thread. Loop the other end around the far side of the hook and catch it with a couple wraps there.

Step 12

Invert the hook in the vise so the hook point is facing up. Notice the detail of the leg tie in around the eyes.

Step 13

Peel about a dozen peacock sword fibers from the stem and lay them against the top (bottom) of the hook shank so they extend to about halfway up the tail.

Step 14

Bind the peacock in place with a few tight turns of thread taking care to keep it bundled and centered on the shank. Clip the butt ends flush.

Step 15

Dub a thin strand of orange Antron onto the thread and build up a small round head around the eyes. Use X-wraps to assure you cover all the thread work underneath and end with the bare thread at the hook eye. Whip finish and clip the thread. Trim the legs to just short of the end of the tail.