Project Description

Tarpon Toad

Pattern Description:

The Tarpon Toad is pretty much where it’s at these days as far as tarpon flies go.  The wide head allows the fly to sink very slowly and even suspend, making it easier to let the fish “encounter” your fly rather than smack him on the head with it.  After seeing how jerky these fish can be, anything helps.  Tie up some Toads so you’re, at the very least, in the game.

Materials Needed:

Hook: Gamakatsu SL12
Thread: UTC 140 Denier Flo. Green
Eyes: Premade or melted Mono eyes, black
Tail: Flo. Green Marabou
Collar: White Cross Cut Rabbit Strip
Head: Flo. Green EP Fibers

Step 1

Start the thread behind the hook eye and build a smooth thread base to the bend and back again to the hook eye. Tie in a set of mono eyes just behind the hook eye using X-wraps. Build enough thread up around them to reinforce the stems and return the thread to the bend of the hook.

Step 2

Select two nice full marabou feathers and strip the bases of their stems so they are the same length. You can tie a sparser Toad with a single feather if so desired.

Step 3

Stack the two marabou feathers together so their tips are all even. Measure the feathers against the shook so they are two shank lengths long.

Step 4

Tie both marabou feathers in at the bend of the hook and wrap the thread forward over their butt ends to just behind the eyes. Clip the excess marabou flush to the hook and return the thread to the bend, maintaining a smooth thread base as you go.

Step 5

Tie in a length of cross cut rabbit at the base of the tail with several very firm wraps of thread. Move the thread forward to the hook point.

Step 6

Make two turns of rabbit immediately in front of the tail, smoothing the fur back after each turn. Tie the rabbit off with three or four more tight turns of thread.

Step 7

Wrap over the butt end of the rabbit strip to smooth the thread base. Wet the rabbit fur a bit and smooth it back over the marabou so it stays out of the way for the next steps.

Step 8

Separate a small clump of EP Fibers about three inches long and lay them in at the base of the rabbit collar. Make two taut but not tight wraps over the clump at the center of its length right at the base of the collar.

Step 9

Twist the fibers so they are perpendicular to the hook and make two more wraps going in the opposite direction of the first two. You should end up with an X-wrap that holds the clump at a right angle to the hook shank as shown here. Follow up with a tight turn each direction to firm up the tie down.

Step 10

Repeat the above step four more times, butting each new clump as close to the previous clump as possible, right up to the eyes. Whip finish and clip the thread.

Step 11

Your fly should look about like this.

Step 12

Remove the fly from the vise and pinch one side of the head in your fingertips with your thumb on top. Use your scissors to trim around the end of your thumb creating a curves edge up to the eyes.

Step 13

Like so…

Step 14

Turn the fly over and repeat the trimming on the other side matching the length and curve of the first side as closely as possible. Clean up any stray strands as you go.

Step 15

Run a bead of UV resin to the thread wraps on top and bottom of the hook shank and cure with the UV light.

Step 16

Finished fly, side view.