Project Description


Pattern Description:

The X-Caddis comes from Yellowstone fishing guru Craig Matthews. Craig is the guy who brought us the Sparkle Dun and a host of other effective patterns, trademarked by their simplicity. The X-Caddis is no exception, and can be whipped out by the dozens! I like the X-Caddis in smaller sizes, from 18-24, although it certainly holds it’s own in bigger sizes as well. It imitates a caddis with the shuck still attached, but I think it’s general profile can match many different insects in various stages of other words, it just looks like food! Tie some up and see what you think.

Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 100 #14-24

Thread: 8/0 Olive

Shuck: Brown Z-lon

Body: Olive Superfine or Antron Dubbing

Wing: Natural Coastal Deer Hair

Step 1

Start the tying thread about an eye length back from the hook eye and build a smooth thread base back to the bend. Return the thread to the starting point.

Step 2

Tie in a small clump (about half a strand for a #16) of Z-lon for the shuck just behind the eye of the hook.  Wrap back over the Z-lon to the bend of the hook and return the thread once again to the starting point.

Step 3

Dub the body from the bend of the hook up to just behind the eye with a slight taper.  Trim the shuck to about a shank length long.

Step 4

Cut, clean and stack a small clump of deer hair. Measure the hair against the hook shank so it matches the length of the hook. You can also tie the X-Caddis with a shorter wing to imitate partially emerged cripples and I do that as well on some flies.

Step 5

Cut the clump of deer hair to the length of the hook and hold it in place with the butt ends of the hair just behind the eye of the hook.

Step 6

Place two loose turns of thread over the hair just behind the hook eye.

Step 7

Pull the thread TOWARD YOU to tighten it while holding the long tip ends of the hair in place on top of the hook.

Step 8

Wrap the thread forward with two turns through the butt ends of the hair right up to the hook eye. The thread goes through the butt ends of the hair binding them down along the way, securing them tightly in place.  Clip the thread.