Project Description

Deep Blue Poison Tung

Pattern Description:

Here’s a brand new one for you! The Deep Blue Poison Tung Midge was conceived last winter after reading about the power the color blue has over unsuspecting trout. I tried a variety of different patterns, with varying amounts of blue and found that a simple rib was just enough. I think this fly is best represented by the sum of its’ parts. The gray Ice Dub head provides the ashen look of an emerging midge and the blue rib shows up best in the depths where the fish feed the most. I have had great success with this pattern on such waters as the South Platte, the North Platte at Gray Reef, the Blue and Colorado, as well as the Frying Pan, where it never hurts to show them something a little different.

Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 2487 #16-20
Bead: 2mm Silver Tungsten Bead
Thread: Uni-Thread, Gray
Rib: Blue Lagartun Wire, fine
Body: Tying Thread
Head: Ice Dub, UV Gray

Step 1

Place the bead on the hook and slide it up to the hook eye.

Step 2

Start the gray tying thread just behind the bead and trim the tag end. Do not wrap any further back than you have to to get the thread attached.

Step 3

Cut a six-inch length of blue Lagartun wire from the spool. This brand of wire is smaller than Ultra Wire and is a different shade of blue as well.

Step 4

Tie the wire in just behind the bead, along the near side of the hook.

Step 5

Wrap back over the wire with the tying thread to about halfway down the bend of the hook. Make only one layer of thread as you go back.

Step 6

Wrap the thread back forward to just behind the bead, forming a smooth, slightly tapered thread body as you go.

Step 7

Spiral wrap the wire forward over the thread body with seven turns forming the rib. Tie the wire off at the front of the body, behind the bead and clip the excess.

Step 8

Dub the thread with a small amount of Ice Dub.

Step 9

Wrap the dubbing just behind the bead to form a small head. The head should be the same diameter or just slightly larger than the bead.

Step 10

Whip finish just behind the bead and clip the thread.