Project Description

Mole Fly, Craven’s

Pattern Description:

I have been fishing the Mole Fly for at least the last twenty years and it has become my go-to pattern for any small mayfly hatch. Its unusual “advanced” wing supports the fly on the surface while the body hangs below like that of a crippled or emerging mayfly. I invented this fly after experimenting with a variety of different CDC patterns. Some of the other ideas spawned during this process are the Loopwing Emerger and CDC Comparadun. Yup, I invented those too. The only problem is that a bunch of other people invented them too. All I can say is that great minds tend to run on the same track. At any rate, tie up some Mole flies and give them a try the next time you encounter tough tailwater fish and see if they don’t do the trick for you too.