Project Description

Sparkle Caddis Pupa

Pattern Description:

The Sparkle Caddis Pupae was developed by the illustrious Gary LaFontaine.  While a simple pattern to both tie and fish, there are a few little tricks in the process that I will try to shed some light on here.  I like to use the SCP as a dropper behind a dry during an actual caddis hatch as well as a general searching nymph during non-hatch times. I think fish see enough of these during the summer months to keep an eye out for, what must be, a tasty morsel.

Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 100SPBL #14-18
Thread: 8/0 Dark Brown UNI
Overbody: Tan Aunt Lydia’s Sparkle Yarn
Body: Haretron Dubbing to match natural
Rib: Dark Brown tying thread
Head: Black Marabou