Project Description

X Caddis

Pattern Description:

The X-Caddis comes from Yellowstone fishing guru Craig Matthews. Craig is the guy who brought us the Sparkle Dun and a host of other effective patterns, trademarked by their simplicity. The X-Caddis is no exception, and can be whipped out by the dozens! I like the X-Caddis in smaller sizes, from 18-24, although it certainly holds its own in bigger sizes as well. It imitates a caddis with the shuck still attached, but I think its general profile can match many different insects in various stages of other words, it just looks like food! Tie some up and see what you think.

Materials Needed:

Hook: #14-24 TMC 100 SPBL Thread: White GSP 50-Denier Shuck: Ginger or Amber Zelon Body: Brown or Olive Superfine Dubbing Wing: Natural Deer Hair