Lime Trude


Lime Trude Pattern Description: The Lime Trude is one of my favorite attractor patterns. While I typically fish it dry, it can also be swept under and fished through as a wet fly. The lime color matches many summer caddis and stoneflies, and the bright white wing makes it really stand out on the riffles.



Hornberg Pattern Description: The Hornberg comes from the mid-west originally, but has been a favorite pattern of many old timers in Colorado and Wyoming. The very first commercial order of flies I ever tied was a batch of Hornbergs and I have hated them ever since;-) The "Hornberger" as my kid likes to call this



Foamulator Pattern Description: The Foamulator is the latest incarnation of the Stimulator, from Randall Kauffmann. Let me tell you, this fly has ALL the bells and whistles. The addition of a foam overbody, underwing, flash, rubber legs and indicator post make this fly a contender for the most dramatic makeover award! I just started fishing

Fat Albert


Fat Albert Pattern Description: The Fat Albert comes from the vise of Brent Taylor of Kansas City, Kansas. This big fat bug came to me recently in a fly swap and it really caught my eye. I have been hearing of this pattern for a few seasons now; used as the dry in a dry/dropper

Chubby Chernobyl


Chubby Chernobyl Pattern Description: The Chubby is a take-off on the standard Chernobyl Ant, but with a much needed improvement; a big poly yarn wing that aids in flotation and visibility. You see, a standard Chernobyl is but thread and foam and floats well but low in the water. Not a big issue when being