McFlyFoam Egg


McFlyFoam Egg Pattern Description: There is a ton of misinformation out there on the interwebs and some of it applies to properly tying an egg fly.  I can't do much about any of the other stuff but I can clear up the egg mystery.  Watch this. Materials Needed: Hook: TMC 2457 or 2488H

Quigley Cripple


Quigley Cripple Pattern Description: Bob Quigley's Cripple pattern represents the mayfly as it struggles to free itself from its shuck.  This is an easy fly to tie and one that really works well for all mayfly species.  Feel free to adapt colors for each of the mayflies you encounter.  Or just tie brown ones...that usually

Nuke Egg


Nuke Egg Pattern Description: The Nuke Egg is a pattern I have been hearing about for several years. I believe this is Pat Dorsey's favorite egg pattern and his weekly fishing reports often feature this fly as a good bet. Coming into fall we have spawning browns, brookies and whitefish running rampant on both the

CDC & Elk


CDC & Elk Pattern Description: The CDC & Elk comes from the Netherlands and the vise of the illustrious Hans Weilenmann. Hans' pattern has become increasingly popular over the years, although it still is unknown to some of us on this side of the pond. The innovative use of CDC as a body material and

Bird’s Nest


Bird's Nest Pattern Description: The Birds Nest comes from California originally but has been adapted in size to accommodate many Colorado insect hatches. I first fished the Birds Nest in Cheesman Canyon years ago...tied down to a size twenty or so and the pattern was a killer. Since then, I have used this simple fly

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