Iris Caddis


Iris Caddis Pattern Description: This cool little caddis emerger pattern comes from the gang at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone. The Iris Caddis is a low floating caddis emerger pattern that utilizes a very unkempt body and unusual wing configuration to match up to the naturals. A Zelon shuck trails from the back of

Soft Hackle


Soft Hackle Pattern Description: Traditional soft hackled flies have experienced a resurgence over the past few years here in the West. Syl Nemes is a name that comes to mind when the subject is brought up, and his pattern books are must read material for tyers interested in these effective flies. In this tutorial, I



Serendipity Pattern Description: The Serendipity comes from Blue Ribbon Flies up out of West Yellowstone and at this moment, has become a pretty old school pattern. A simple midge/caddis pupa, the Serendipity uses just a couple of materials and can be tied slim and sparse or heavy and chunky to better replicate your insect of

Barr Emerger


Barr Emerger Pattern Description: The Barr Emerger is high on my list of favorite flies. A simple concoction of feathers and dubbing, this simple pattern is an all-around great fly. The idea behind this pattern, according to John Barr, was to imitate the adult insect creeping out of the nymphal shuck. Originally John tied this

Parachute Emerger


Parachute Emerger Pattern Description: The Parachute Emerger is a variation of the fantastic Barr Emerger. The addition of the parachute hackle and foam post adds floatation and visibility to a pattern that mimics an emerging nymph to a T. There are a couple tricks to tying this fly and you may have noticed I've eliminated