Scud Pattern Description: I call this pattern the Plain Old Scud, because there is really nothing fancy about it. Of course you can tie it in a flashback version by adding a strip of pearl sheeting to the back in place of the Swiss Straw I will use here, and I suppose you could even

Flash Jujubee


Flash Jujubee Pattern Description: The Flash Jujubee is a variation on my popular Jujubee Midge pattern. This variation adds some flash to the thorax. Genius I know. There are some great tips and tricks in this video for all my Juju-series fly patterns so give it a watch and twist some up. Materials

Two Bit Stone


Two Bit Stone Pattern Description: A variation of my Two Bit Hooker Pattern the Two Bit Stone uses three beads (one Tungsten and Two Brass) to get the fly down to the fish. This golden stone fly pattern works great in a dry-dropper rig or on its own. Tie some up and see what you

Prince Nymph


Prince Nymph Pattern Description: The Prince Nymph was developed by Doug Prince in the thirties and in the past fifteen years or so has become a 'go-to' pattern for many anglers across the country. The addition of a brass or tungsten bead has made this fly even more popular and effective. The original fly was

Barr Emerger


Barr Emerger Pattern Description: The Barr Emerger is high on my list of favorite flies. A simple concoction of feathers and dubbing, this simple pattern is an all around great fly. The idea behind this pattern, according to John Barr, was to imitate the adult insect creeping out of the nymphal shuck. Originally John tied