Headstand, Egan’s


Headstand, Egan’s Pattern Description: Lance Egan's creepy crawly carp bug rides hook up and is good for shallow water sight fishing. Materials Needed: Hook: TMC 2457 Thread: 6/0 UNI Rusty Brown Eyes: Medium Bead Chain Tail: Ginger Variant Rabbit Fur Hackle: Brown Neck Hackle Body: Rusty Brown Craw Dub Legs: Pumpkin Sili Legs



Frenchie Pattern Description: From my book, Tying Nymphs Regardless of how you or I might feel about competitive fly fishing, there is no arguing that it has brought a ton of innovation in technique and fly patterns to our sport. The worldwide combination of passionate and highly talented anglers and fly tyers with the sole

McFlyFoam Egg


McFlyFoam Egg Pattern Description: There is a ton of misinformation out there on the interwebs and some of it applies to properly tying an egg fly.  I can't do much about any of the other stuff but I can clear up the egg mystery.  Watch this. Materials Needed: Hook: TMC 2457 or 2488H

Barr’s Damsel


Barr's Damsel Pattern Description: John Barr knows a thing or three about catching fish.  He's the most creative tyer of our time and here is his simple damsel nymph pattern. Materials Needed: Hook: TMC 200 #8-14 Thread: Olive 6/0 Eyes: Melted Mono Tail: Olive marabou Rib: 3x monofilament Shellback: Tan Thinskin Abdomen: Olive

Wooly Bugger


Wooly Bugger Pattern Description: The Wooly Bugger was invented by Russell Blessing long enough ago that most folks don’t know who he is. Mr. Blessing, perhaps inadvertently, developed what is now the single most popular streamer in the world. The Bugger is a slight variation of the ubiquitous Wooly Worm, which sports a body and

Cranefly Larva, Barr’s


Cranefly Larva, Barr's Pattern Description: Craneflies are of the order Tipulidae, also known as Daddy Long Legs in their adult form, and rockworms in the larval form. They are, essentially, a giant midge, and resemble their smaller cousins both in the larval and adult stages. Cranefly larvae are rather large, from one to three inches

Zug Bug


Zug Bug Pattern Description: The Zug Bug is an older pattern that bears a striking resemblence to its younger cousin, the Prince Nymph. I like this bug because it features lots of fish catching peacock herl and is just a little something different from the now commonplace Prince, and it doesn't hurt my feelings that

Nuke Egg


Nuke Egg Pattern Description: The Nuke Egg is a pattern I have been hearing about for several years. I believe this is Pat Dorsey's favorite egg pattern and his weekly fishing reports often feature this fly as a good bet. Coming into fall we have spawning browns, brookies and whitefish running rampant on both the

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