Tarpon Toad


Tarpon Toad Pattern Description: The Tarpon Toad is pretty much where it's at these days as far as tarpon flies go.  The wide head allows the fly to sink very slowly and even suspend, making it easier to let the fish "encounter" your fly rather than smack him on the head with it.  After seeing

Sea Habit


Sea Habit Pattern Description: The Sea Habit, from Trey Combs, is a fantastic baitfish imitation most often used in offshore applications.  I have personally used this one for Dorado fishing and can say these acrobatic fish just plain love it.  While it looks complicated, the Sea Habit really isn't that hard to tie and there



Gotcha Pattern Description: The Gotcha is a hugely popular bonefish fly that was originated in the Bahamas. Jim McVay allegedly tied the first Gotcha with some carpet trimmings from a Nassau taxi cab, and caught a bunch of bonefish on the fly in the following days. As many of you know,  I just got back

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