Wooly Bugger


Wooly Bugger Pattern Description: The Wooly Bugger was invented by Russell Blessing long enough ago that most folks don’t know who he is. Mr. Blessing, perhaps inadvertently, developed what is now the single most popular streamer in the world. The Bugger is a slight variation of the ubiquitous Wooly Worm, which sports a body and



Hornberg Pattern Description: The Hornberg comes from the mid-west originally, but has been a favorite pattern of many old timers in Colorado and Wyoming. The very first commercial order of flies I ever tied was a batch of Hornbergs and I have hated them ever since;-) The "Hornberger" as my kid likes to call this

Flash King


Flash King Pattern Description: The Flash King is a cool little local pattern indigenous to the Roaring Fork River. Drew Reid introduced me to this fly and I used to tie dozens of them for Roaring Fork Anglers back in the day. Tied like an old style wet fly and fished much the same way,

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