Tequeely Pattern Description: The Tequeely has been around for qui te some time, but I am afraid I know, and can find very little about it's creator or inception. What I do know is that it's a great shallow running streamer pattern, it's easy to cast and on the right day fish go bananas for



Zonker Pattern Description: The Zonker is a unique baitfish pattern developed by Dan Byford. The beauty of the Zonker lies in its simplicity. It can be tied with as few as two materials, but we have dressed it up a bit here and added a few parts. The Zonker was the first fly that made

Black Nosed Dace


Black Nosed Dace Pattern Description: The Black Nosed Dace is a traditional bucktail streamer pattern. After a long absence from western fishing, it has made a recent comeback with the rising popularity of these classic streamers. Bucktails are really very simple to tie, and the techniques used here are transferable to many other bucktail patterns.

Black Ghost


Black Ghost Pattern Description: The Black Ghost is an old eastern streamer that has gained a bit of a following with the upswing in classic feather wing streamers. This is really a pretty simple tie but has a few little hitches that can throw you off a bit, so I've included it here. I have

Clouser Minnow


Clouser Minnow Pattern Description: The Clouser Minnow was invented by Bob Clouser as a smallmouth bass pattern. It imitates a baitfish as well as any pattern ever conceived and has taken more types of fish than any other pattern I know of. I use Clousers for bonefish, bass, pike, trout and anything else that eats