Parachute Ant


Parachute Ant Pattern Description: The Parachute Ant was originated by Ed Schroeder and has become one of the most accepted ant patterns in existence. It is an uncomplicated fly to tie and highly effective as well. The parachute post makes for good visibility while the hackle provides low riding floatation. This pattern is a killer

El Camino


El Camino Pattern Description: This super cool stonefly pattern comes from Andrew Grillos and is a great pattern to match either Golden Stones or the larger Pteranarcys when tied in the right colors. Andrew is a great fly designer and has a ton of good stuff so keep an eye out for more.



Spant Pattern Description: The Spant is my version of a spent ant pattern. I came up with this fly many years ago after encountering a flying ant fall on Brainerd Lake. The ants were blown from the tall evergreens surrounding the lake, and the fish wasted no time in getting on them. I did not have

Turk’s Tarantula


Turk's Tarantula Pattern Description: Guy Turk developed his Tarantula in 1990. George Anderson used this fly to win the Jackson Hole One-Fly Contest that year and it has since become one of the most popular attractor flies in the world. Mr. Turks creation has all you could ask for in an attractor; wide profile, great buoyancy and visibility.