X-Caddis Pattern Description: The X-Caddis comes from Yellowstone fishing guru Craig Matthews. Craig is the guy who brought us the Sparkle Dun and a host of other effective patterns, trademarked by their simplicity. The X-Caddis is no exception, and can be whipped out by the dozens! I like the X-Caddis in smaller sizes, from 18-24,

Tarpon Toad


Tarpon Toad Pattern Description: The Tarpon Toad is pretty much where it's at these days as far as tarpon flies go.  The wide head allows the fly to sink very slowly and even suspend, making it easier to let the fish "encounter" your fly rather than smack him on the head with it.  After seeing

Headstand, Egan’s


Headstand, Egan’s Pattern Description: Lance Egan's creepy crawly carp bug rides hook up and is good for shallow water sight fishing. Materials Needed: Hook: TMC 2457 Thread: 6/0 UNI Rusty Brown Eyes: Medium Bead Chain Tail: Ginger Variant Rabbit Fur Hackle: Brown Neck Hackle Body: Rusty Brown Craw Dub Legs: Pumpkin Sili Legs

Sea Habit


Sea Habit Pattern Description: The Sea Habit, from Trey Combs, is a fantastic baitfish imitation most often used in offshore applications.  I have personally used this one for Dorado fishing and can say these acrobatic fish just plain love it.  While it looks complicated, the Sea Habit really isn't that hard to tie and there



Frenchie Pattern Description: From my book, Tying Nymphs Regardless of how you or I might feel about competitive fly fishing, there is no arguing that it has brought a ton of innovation in technique and fly patterns to our sport. The worldwide combination of passionate and highly talented anglers and fly tyers with the sole

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