EP Minnow


EP Minnow Pattern Description: The EP Minnow is a creation from Enrico Puglisi. This fly is more a pattern of tying than a specific pattern, and can be tied in various configurations, colors and shapes to imitate a variety of baitfish. I have tied these flies up to about ten inches long for dorado fishing,



Deceiver Pattern Description: The Deceiver is credited to Lefty Kreh and is an absolute must-have saltwater pattern. This fly can be tied in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to match different baitfish and even shrimp and crabs. This is another old time pattern that has become a mainstay, and like most of the

Clouser Minnow


Clouser Minnow Pattern Description: The Clouser Minnow was invented by Bob Clouser as a smallmouth bass pattern. It imitates a baitfish as well as any pattern ever conceived and has taken more types of fish than any other pattern I know of. I use Clousers for bonefish, bass, pike, trout and anything else that eats

Hair Diver


Hair Diver Pattern Description: The Hair Diver is my first attempt at a photographic hair fly tutorial. I can say that this has been the most difficult pattern I have tried to demonstrate photographically as both the pattern itself is complicated and the photos are more challenging because of the larger fly size. I am

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