Soft Hackle Emerger


Soft Hackle Emerger Pattern Description: The Soft Hackle Emerger is an old pattern for me that I originally came up with back in my guiding days. I developed this pattern as an alternative to the ubiquitous RS-II. I have since discovered why this pattern has produced so well for me. It seems that Baetis do

CDC Comparadun


CDC Comparadun Pattern Description: The CDC Comparadun pattern has been one of my go-to patterns for a long time. This fly is the ultimate in simplicity and lends itself well to a variety of mayfly species. You can simply change the colors of the materials to match everything from Pale Morning Duns to Baetis to



WD-40 Pattern Description: The WD-40 is another simple pattern meant to imitate midge pupae and Baetis nymphs. I believe it originated somewhere in Southern Colorado and was popularized on the San Juan River in New Mexico. This pattern is a quick, easy tie that uses just two materials besides thread. This is a great fly

Sparkle Dun


Sparkle Dun Pattern Description: The Sparkle Dun is an outstandingly simple adult mayfly pattern developed by Craig Mathews of West Yellowstone, Montana. The pattern incorporates only three materials and all of them are cheap and commonly available. The Sparkle Dun was one of the first patterns to incorporate a trailing shuck. The Z-Lon shuck imitates

Juju Emerger


Juju Emerger Pattern Description: I have often said that one of the main reasons fly tying is so compelling to so many is because it’s also so endless. No matter how long you tie or how wide the variety of your skill set, there is always something new to learn and play with. Emerger patterns

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