Parachute Adams


Parachute Adams Pattern Description: The Parachute Adams is without a doubt, one of today's most popular patterns. The high visibility wing coupled with the lower floating parachute hackle team up to provide a solid fish-catching silhouette with angler appeal. The PA can imitate any type of mayfly, even though it is too dark for some

Prince Nymph


Prince Nymph Pattern Description: The Prince Nymph was developed by Doug Prince in the thirties and in the past fifteen years or so has become a 'go-to' pattern for many anglers across the country. The addition of a brass or tungsten bead has made this fly even more popular and effective. The original fly was

Bunny Dun


Bunny Dun Pattern Description: The Bunny Dun has been popularized throughout the Rocky Mountain region by Jim Cannon of the Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, Colorado. Snowshoe rabbit foot hair is used for the wing as its' inherent flotation properties allow for both realism and sparsness in the pattern. I like to use a goose

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