Quigley Cripple


Quigley Cripple Pattern Description: Bob Quigley's Cripple pattern represents the mayfly as it struggles to free itself from its shuck.  This is an easy fly to tie and one that really works well for all mayfly species.  Feel free to adapt colors for each of the mayflies you encounter.  Or just tie brown ones...that usually

Pheasant Tail


Pheasant Tail Pattern Description: The Pheasant Tail is the quintessential mayfly nymph pattern. The dark brown color and slender profile create a highly realistic mayfly imitation. Although it can be tied in larger sizes, I prefer this fly in sizes 16 through 24 because smaller sized Pheasant Tails match blue wing olive and pale morning

Morrish May Day


Morrish May Day Pattern Description: There are an awful lot of good fly tyers on the planet these days, far more (and better) than when I was growing up. Those dark days of fly tying featured a lot of secrets, good old boys and not a lot of sharing, but with the advent of the

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