Mole Fly, Craven’s


Mole Fly, Craven's Pattern Description: I have been fishing the Mole Fly for at least the last twenty years and it has become my go-to pattern for any small mayfly hatch. Its unusual “advanced” wing supports the fly on the surface while the body hangs below like that of a crippled or emerging mayfly. I

Juju Emerger


Juju Emerger Pattern Description: I have often said that one of the main reasons fly tying is so compelling to so many is because it’s also so endless. No matter how long you tie or how wide the variety of your skill set, there is always something new to learn and play with. Emerger patterns

Green Drake Cripple


Green Drake Cripple Pattern Description: I came up with this Cripple pattern several years ago after a particularly frustrating Green Drake hatch on the Frying Pan River. It seems as though Drakes actually hatch into adults under the water and emerge through the surface film as full-blown duns. At least, this is how it is

Mugly Caddis


Mugly Caddis Pattern Description: The Mugly Caddis is a pattern I developed after my first evening on the Henrys Fork. I had fished to sporadically rising fish all evening with little success. Meanwhile, another angler, slightly downstream seemed to be hooked up every time I looked his way. I cornered him near dark and with a

Jujubee Midge Adult


Jujubee Midge Adult Pattern Description: The Jujubee Midge Adult is a take off on the original Jujubee Midge. Adding a bit of CDC to the pattern and simplifying the body has created an outstanding Midge Adult pattern for those picky tailwater fish. The CDC wing creates a parachute-like effect on the fly and allows it to sit low

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