Kaufmann’s Stone


Kaufmann's Stone Pattern Description: The Kaufmann's Stone was developed by the fly-tying author, Randall Kaufmann. Randall owns and operates the famous Kaufmann's Streamborn shops in Oregon and Washington states and has written several excellent tying books. I would recommend any of his works to an aspiring tyer and find myself using them as a reference

Rogue Stone


Rogue Stone Pattern Description: The Rogue Stone is a product of fellow Umpqua Fly Designer, Jack Schlotter. This pattern has become the hot fly for our western salmonfly hatches on rivers like the Gunnison and Colorado. I have added this pattern because it is one that so many people ask about and because it is

Halfback Nymph


Halfback Nymph Pattern Description: The Halfback is an old pattern popular throughout Colorado and Wyoming. It is one of the best stonefly nymph imitations I've ever come across and even crosses over for still water use as a dragonfly nymph. I used to get orders for hundreds of these back when I was a kid.

Czech Nymph


Czech Nymph Pattern Description: My friend, Vince Ordonez, brought the Czech Nymph to my attention. The Czech Nymph gets its name from the Czechoslovakian National Fly-Fishing Team who used this fly in the world championships. Apparently, the fly worked very well. This pattern really reminds me a lot of the Barr Net Builder Caddis. I

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