Vanilla Ice


Vanilla Ice Pattern Description: The Vanilla Ice Bugger is a creation from the mind of Dennis Collier. For those of you who don't know him, Dennis is truly one of the best fly tiers I've ever met, an extremely talented and creative guy and, obviously, a huge fan of late eighties rap music!. Dennis showed

Snoball Beetle


Snoball Beetle Pattern Description: The Sno Ball Beetle is another great pattern from Dennis Collier. Dennis is simply one of the most creative tyers I know and is a pleasure to watch tie and fish with. Dennis developed this fly as a smaller more streamlined version of the popular Chernobyl Ant, for use up in

Gizmo Bugger


Gizmo Bugger Pattern Description:  The Gizmo Bugger is a recent development from the vise of the illustrious Dennis Collier. Dennis came up with this pattern over the past several months and from the first time I saw it, I knew this fly was gonna be pure MONEY! The best part about this fly is its versatility.

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