Sparkle Caddis Pupae


Sparkle Caddis Pupae Pattern Description: The Sparkle Caddis Pupae was developed by the illustrious Gary LaFontaine. While a simple pattern to both tie and fish, there are a few little tricks in the process that I will try to shed some light on here. I like to use the SCP as a dropper behind a



D-Midge Pattern Description: This cool little pattern comes from my dear friend, Dennis Miller. Dennis runs the fly shop down in Almont during the summer months and both he and his son, Brad (see the Span Juan Worm here on the FlyBox) create some super effective, guide-style fish catchers. The D-Midge is Dennis' answer to

Copper John


Copper John Pattern Description: Here it is The Copper John. I have been asked to demonstrate this fly by more people in the past few years than nearly any other, and with good reason. While not a complicated fly by any means, this pattern is somewhat involved and has a lot of parts. There is simply a

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