Flash Jujubee


Flash Jujubee Pattern Description: The Flash Jujubee is a variation on my popular Jujubee Midge pattern. This variation adds some flash to the thorax. Genius I know. There are some great tips and tricks in this video for all my Juju-series fly patterns so give it a watch and twist some up. Materials



WD-40 Pattern Description: The WD-40 is another simple pattern meant to imitate midge pupae and Baetis nymphs. I believe it originated somewhere in Southern Colorado and was popularized on the San Juan River in New Mexico. This pattern is a quick, easy tie that uses just two materials besides thread. This is a great fly

Kimball’s Emerger


Kimball's Emerger Pattern Description: The Kimballs Emerger was introduced to me by Drew Reid of Roaring fork Anglers in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The original pattern omits the hackle and was tied on the front half of a standard dry fly hook. It is a very low floating midge emerger pattern and can be really hard

Jujubee Midge Adult


Jujubee Midge Adult Pattern Description: The Jujubee Midge Adult is a take off on the original Jujubee Midge. Adding a bit of CDC to the pattern and simplifying the body has created an outstanding Midge Adult pattern for those picky tailwater fish. The CDC wing creates a parachute-like effect on the fly and allows it to sit low

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