Flash Jujubee


Flash Jujubee Pattern Description: The Flash Jujubee is a variation on my popular Jujubee Midge pattern. This variation adds some flash to the thorax. Genius I know. There are some great tips and tricks in this video for all my Juju-series fly patterns so give it a watch and twist some up. Materials



WD-40 Pattern Description: The WD-40 is another simple pattern meant to imitate midge pupae and Baetis nymphs. I believe it originated somewhere in Southern Colorado and was popularized on the San Juan River in New Mexico. This pattern is a quick, easy tie that uses just two materials besides thread. This is a great fly

Jujubee Midge Adult


Jujubee Midge Adult Pattern Description: The Jujubee Midge Adult is a take off on the original Jujubee Midge. Adding a bit of CDC to the pattern and simplifying the body has created an outstanding Midge Adult pattern for those picky tailwater fish. The CDC wing creates a parachute-like effect on the fly and allows it to sit low

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