Pheasant Tail


Pheasant Tail Pattern Description: The Pheasant Tail is the quintessential mayfly nymph pattern. The dark brown color and slender profile create a highly realistic mayfly imitation. Although it can be tied in larger sizes, I prefer this fly in sizes 16 through 24 because smaller sized Pheasant Tails match blue wing olive and pale morning

Prince Nymph


Prince Nymph Pattern Description: The Prince Nymph was developed by Doug Prince in the thirties and in the past fifteen years or so has become a 'go-to' pattern for many anglers across the country. The addition of a brass or tungsten bead has made this fly even more popular and effective. The original fly was

20 Incher Stone


20 Incher Stone Pattern Description: The 20 Incher Stone is a product of Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley. Its' originator I'm not sure of, but I am sure of the effectiveness of his fly. A simple combination of common materials put together in an ingenious way to imitate the ubiquitous stonefly, (Thank God for the thesaurus!)

Copper John


Copper John Pattern Description: Here it is The Copper John. I have been asked to demonstrate this fly by more people in the past few years than nearly any other, and with good reason. While not a complicated fly by any means, this pattern is somewhat involved and has a lot of parts. There is simply a

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