Scud Pattern Description: I call this pattern the Plain Old Scud, because there is really nothing fancy about it. Of course you can tie it in a flashback version by adding a strip of pearl sheeting to the back in place of the Swiss Straw I will use here, and I suppose you could even



Spant Pattern Description: The Spant is my version of a spent ant pattern. I came up with this fly many years ago after encountering a flying ant fall on Brainerd Lake. The ants were blown from the tall evergreens surrounding the lake, and the fish wasted no time in getting on them. I did not have

Jack Flash


Jack Flash Pattern Description: I started tying this pattern several years ago, and named it after my youngest son. I came up with it to fill the need for a flashier-than-average stonefly nymph, for use in off-color water. It has worked well for this application since its inception, but I never dreamed how versatile this pattern would

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