The Royal Wulff has become the standard attractor dry in the years since its inception by the legendary Lee Wulff. Hair wings and tail, a multi-colored body, and a heavily hackled collar make this a buoyant, highly visible fast-water fly. I have no idea what makes this fly so attractive to the fish, but perhaps Lee Wulff had the right idea when he suggested that this fly imitates a piece of strawberry shortcake. As complicated as this fly seems it is really just a combination of basic techniques all put together to make one beautiful fly. Start slow and keep an eye on your proportions and you’ll be amazed at how yours turn out.

Royal Wulff Fly Tying Recipe:
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Hook: TMC 100SP-BL #10-20

Thread: Veevus 14/0 Black

Wing: White Calf Body Hair

Tail: Dark Moose Hair

Rib: Fine Copper Wire

Body: Peacock Herl And Red Floss

Hackle: Brown Rooster Hackle