Fur Ant


Fur Ant Pattern Description: This is a simple fur ant pattern that is a good one to get you started into the world of dry flies.  The Fur Ant can be a little hard to see on the water but fish often take it with confidence during the summer months.  I often will just blind

Foam Beetle


Foam Beetle Pattern Description: You know that weird cousin of yours who isn't very good looking but is maybe the hardest working person you know?  The one no one thinks about until they need his particular skill set?  Yeah, the Foam Beetle is a lot like that cousin.  This fly sits in the corner of



Foamulator Pattern Description: The Foamulator is the latest incarnation of the Stimulator, from Randall Kauffmann. Let me tell you, this fly has ALL the bells and whistles. The addition of a foam overbody, underwing, flash, rubber legs and indicator post make this fly a contender for the most dramatic makeover award! I just started fishing

Fat Albert


Fat Albert Pattern Description: The Fat Albert comes from the vise of Brent Taylor of Kansas City, Kansas. This big fat bug came to me recently in a fly swap and it really caught my eye. I have been hearing of this pattern for a few seasons now; used as the dry in a dry/dropper

BC Hopper


BC Hopper Pattern Description: This fly is a collaboration between John Barr and I, as he came up with the idea for a super buoyant hopper to use as the "indicator" fly in his Hopper/Copper/Dropper rig and I came up with how to tie the dang thing. We played with several different ideas and configurations

Rogue Stone


Rogue Stone Pattern Description: The Rogue Stone is a product of fellow Umpqua Fly Designer, Jack Schlotter. This pattern has become the hot fly for our western salmonfly hatches on rivers like the Gunnison and Colorado. I have added this pattern because it is one that so many people ask about and because it is

Snoball Beetle


Snoball Beetle Pattern Description: The Sno Ball Beetle is another great pattern from Dennis Collier. Dennis is simply one of the most creative tyers I know and is a pleasure to watch tie and fish with. Dennis developed this fly as a smaller more streamlined version of the popular Chernobyl Ant, for use up in

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